Twigs Issues

The Wheaton-Glen Ellyn Branch newsletter, Twigs, is published ten times a year.  It includes a calendar of activities for the upcoming month, a Book Sale update and other Branch news.   Use the links below to access the current and recent newsletters.  You can then read it, print it for reference or save it on your computer.

Members may receive Twigs by US mail or by email or both.  To change your Twigs preference from US mail to email or vice versa, email Karen Schultz.

If you have questions or news, email Kimberly Thacker.

October 2017: Twigs-Oct-2017
September 2017: Twigs-Sep-2017

Archives  2016-17
Summer 2017 Twigs: Twigs-Summer-2017
May 2017 Twigs: Twigs-May-2017
April 2017 Twigs: Twigs-Apr-2017
March 2017 Twigs: Twigs-Mar-2017
February 2017 Twigs: Twigs-Feb-2017
January 2017 Twigs: Twigs-Jan-2017
December 2016 Twigs: Twigs-Dec-2016
November 2016 Twigs: Twigs-Nov-2016
October 2016: Twigs-Oct-2016
September 2016: Twigs-Sept-2016

Archives  2015-16
Summer 2016: Twigs-Summer-2016
May 2016: Twigs-May-2016
April 2016: Twigs-Apr-2016
March 2016: Twigs-Mar-2016
February 2016: Twigs-Feb-2016
January 2016: Twigs-Jan-2016
December 2015 Twigs: Twigs-Dec-2015
November 2015 Twigs: Twigs-Nov-2015
October 2015 Twigs: Twigs-Oct-2015
September 2015 Twigs: Twigs-Sept-2015

Summer 2015 Twigs: Twigs-Summer-2015
May 2015 Twigs: Twigs-May-2015
April 2015 Twigs: Twigs-April-2015
March 2015 Twigs: Twigs-March-2015
February 2015 Twigs: Twigs-Feb-2015
January 2015 Twigs: Twigs-Jan-2015
December 2014 Twigs: Twigs-Dec-2014
November 2014 Twigs: Twigs-Nov-2014
October 2014 Twigs: Twigs-Oct-2014
September 2014 Twigs: Twigs-Sept-2014

Summer 2014 Twigs: Twigs-Summer-2014
May 2014 Twigs: Twigs-May-2014
April 2014 Twigs: Twigs-Apr-2014
March 2014 Twigs: Twigs-Mar-2014
February 2014 Twigs: Twigs-Feb-2014
January 2014 Twigs: Twigs-Jan-2014
December 2013: Twigs-Dec-2013
November 2013: Twigs-Nov-2013
October 2013 Twigs: Twigs-Oct-2013
September 2013 Twigs: Twigs-Sept-2013

Summer 2013 Twigs: Twigs-Summer-2013
May 2013 Twigs: Twigs-May-2013
April 2013 Twigs: Twigs-Apr-2013
March 2013 Twigs: Twigs-Mar-2013
February 2013 Twigs: Twigs-Feb-2013
January 2013 Twigs: Twigs-Jan-2013
December 2012 Twigs: Twigs-Dec-2012
November 2012 Twigs: Twigs-Nov-2012
October 2012 Twigs: Twigs-Oct-2012
September 2012 Twigs: Twigs-Sept-2012

Summer 2012 Twigs: Twigs-Summer-2012
May 2012 Twigs:  Twigs-May-2012
April 2012 Twigs:  Twigs-Apr-2012
March 2012 Twigs:  Twigs-Mar-2012
February 2012 Twigs:  Twigs-Feb-2012
January 2012 Twigs:  Twigs-Jan-2012
December 2011 Twigs:  Twigs-Dec-2011
November 2011 Twigs:  Twigs-Nov-2011
October 2011 Twigs:  Twigs-Oct-2011
September 2011 Twigs: Twigs-Sept-2011